Small Penis Humiliation Hazing

Small Penis Humiliation Hazing

Jun 14

Small penis humiliation hazing for fraternity pledges…

I was pledging the most popular fraternity on campus along with 19 other guys, so I knew my chances were slim to get in. But I was willing to do anything, even if it was bi or gay. Being in a fraternity is for life. You always have your Greek brothers for business contacts after you graduate. I saw it as a benefit for getting a better job than a non-Greek especially since jobs in my major are scarce for fresh grads and everyone in the industry I’d be going into is super competitive.

So all the pledges were summoned to the frat house for a hazing nite during Hell Week, we were told this hazing would “cut the men from the boys.” When we arrived, there were two hot chicks from the fraternity’s sister sorority. I knew one was a total bitch, I saw her and her fake and bake tan around campus. The other chick was a cheerleader who had the most bangin’ tight bod. I said to myself I was going to jack off to any pics I could find of her on Facebook when I got back to my dorm room later.

So then we found out what the hazing was going to be. Penis size measurements. Small penis humiliation hazing. Anyone under 6″ was going to get cut. So we had to drop our drawers and stroke to get our dicks hard so they could be measured. The two girls gave us some jerk off encouragement, but most of it was small penis humiliation. “Com’n faggots, show us what you got! Why can’t you get hard in front of two ultra hotties, are you fuckin’ homos?”

The meanest of the two hotties had a sharpie marker and the cheerleader had one of those yellow retractable measuring tapes. The mean chick yelled out, “OK who’s ready to be measured?” Most of the guys raised their hands and the chicks went around and took measurements. With the sharpie marker, the cheerleader wrote dick sizes in inches on our foreheads, like 7″, 6″, 8.5″. I knew my dick was 7″, an ex gf had measured it. So when they came around to measure mine, I was relieved to be measured at 7″, no small penis humiliation for me! The cheerleader wrote 7″ on my forehead.

But the small penis humiliation hazing continued for the tiny cock pledges, because three little dick losers must have known they were under 6″ or had limpdicks, cuz they just pulled up their pants and left. The mean bitch said, “Buh-bye homo maggots!” The fraternity prez had a clipboard and I saw him scratch thru some names on his list. Then some of the measurements came up short, two guys had five inch dicks, pity them, cuz the cheerleader wrote 5″ on their forehead and they had to walk out in shame. So 5 guys were cut from pledging, instant small penis humiliation. The rest of ranged from 6″ – 8.5″.

Then the mean bitch said that we couldn’t wash off our marker measurements and it was school tradition that all the chicks on campus knew what the sharpie measurement meant and that we would either get teased or awed for our dick sizes. I wasn’t ashamed of my 7″ but I was kinda envious of the guys at 8″ or more. But I definitely pitied the guys who were under 6″ who got cut cuz that was definite small penis humiliation hazing.

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