Forced to Eat Cum Frat Hazing

Forced to Eat Cum Frat Hazing

Jun 23

Forced Chastity then Forced Jerk Off Hazing including Forced to Eat Cum Frat Hazing story! Here is my humiliating frat hazing story. We were forced to eat cum, but we didn’t know that was going to be what would ultimately happen when we were hazed by the bro’s. The first part of the hazing we had to endure to get into the *** fraternity, was that we were forced to wear chastity devices, you know those plastic dick cages called CB2000’s and CB3000’s, in pink and red, humiliating colors, let alone that our dicks were locked up too. Our dicks were locked up for two weeks, so we couldn’t fuck, get our dicks sucked or even jerk off. Instead of Hell Week, it was Hell Weeks! Wearing dick cages was building up blue balls big time. I was so fucking horned up I couldn’t even think about my girlfriend or I’d pop an excruciating boner that was pressing up against the chastity cock lock.

I couldn’t get thru phys ed classes without being in pain, cuz the thing pinched my balls like crazy. Luckily while I was pledging, I wasn’t in my scholarship sport, swimming. How would I have explained that to the swim team or my coach? My gf was pissed too, she demanded I lick her pussy, but even doing that caused extreme pain as my dick tried to get erect but couldn’t. Finally she said to text her when the fucking chastity thing was off. Little did I know that I was going to be forced to eat cum. I thought the hazing was just being forced into chastity and not be allowed to jerk off and have sex.

So yeah it was two weeks later when we were summoned back to the fraternity house and the chastity devices were unlocked. Most of us were so relieved we bounced our dicks around and some guys even popped instant boners. The bro’s of course called the boner boys “fags”. Then we were told to stand in a circle and do a circle jerk, yeah, jerk off the guy in front of you doing a reach-around. My balls were aching and full and I knew I would blow in no time even tho a dude’s hand was on my dick and mine was on a dude’s dick. I still didn’t know we were going to be forced to eat cum.

How did I get thru it? I had to pretend it was a chick’s hand, but it was hard to do as the bro’s were yelling humiliating shit at us like, jack it off faggots, yeah you queers shoot your dick snot, then you’re gonna lick it up! I couldn’t believe what I heard. Lick up someone else’s cum? Forced to eat cum to get into the frat? But it was true. I was going to have to lick up the other pledge’s cum while another pledge would have to lick up mine. I thought I have to I have to I have to do it to get into this fraternity. Then I felt his cock pulsating and cumming into my hand, it was a huge thick wad, fuck. But I knew I had to lick it up. So I pretended it was an oyster at a raw seafood bar and I just slurped up the gob and swallowed it PFQ. Thank the Greek Gods I did, cuz any pledges who couldn’t do the hazing ritual or who immediately puked after swallowing the spunk were tossed. It was kind of like Fear Factor, if you ever watch reruns of that show where people had to eat disgusting stuff, not only did they have to eat the stuff, they had to not puke it up.

So then I got back to my dorm room and swallowed like 3 shots of Lemon Vodka B2B and I texted my gf. I didn’t tell her anything about the Forced to Eat Cum Frat Hazing. I just told her they finally unlocked our dicks. She came over and I fucked her real good. So that made me feel like I wasn’t such a forced to eat cum fag.